Aleksandra Joanna Slyz: MICRO ERROR CODE (2019) 6’ 00”

Polish composer, sound artist/designer/engineer, living between Poland and Sweden.

Her works are primarily about connections between human, science, technology and art. Right now she is focusing on exploring the possibilities of a human body, using wide spectrum of electronic devices. She would like to think that her interdisciplinary art, in which she emphasizes the importance of sound space, could give an audience a sense of common ground and participation.

Adele Marcia Kosman: dancemusic (2019) 7' 20"

"Clap, woodblock, rhythm, space, bell, pattern, cluster.

In the piece "dancemusic" I made a commitment to explore percussive iterations in relationship to rhythms, patterns and clusters. I explored the collective of iterations move in between these categories; hearing the collective timbre changing as the individual sounds remained the same."

Composer and singer Adele Marcia is currently studying electro acoustic compo

sition in Berlin and Stockholm. Her background consists of various engagements in music and arts, professionally starting year 2010 as an alto-singer in Testa Gospel Choir in Stockholm. Later writing and singing in electronic music group For BDK, 2012-2016, introduced music production and electronic experimental music. Later years have involved work with multichannel settings, ambisonics, live organ and vocals, supercollider, and music for moving picture.

Mikael Lindblad Ehnborg: Kitezh Bells (2018) 8’20''

In the construct of a functional condition there comes with time an agreement of matters falsity. The adaptation can be conscious or unconscious, the purpose necessary or fictive. This still state becomes the new normal, until it’s no longer functioning.

Everything is forever, until it is no more. Inspired by Svetlana

Aleksijevitj, Werner Herzog and Alexei Yurchak.

Mikael Lindblad Ehnborg is a composer and sound designer currently studying at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm. He currently works with projects focused on collective composition and sound for motion pictures.

Rikard Vilhelm Lindell: Mental Landscapes (2018) 8’31”

Photo: Joel Dittrich

Mental Landscapes is a spatialized excerpt of the compositions for Fanny Olla's installation Mental Landscapes, the Red Room, Blue Room and the Black Room. In Mental Landscapes we move from the Red Room for superficiality, self-awareness, perfection and demands but also shame, the room is about hiding your flaws and "sweeping something under the carpet" via the Blue Room for the longing, loneliness and sadness to the innermost Black Room. In the Black Room we face fear, anxiety and our inner darkness, where we hide our feelings and put them in cabinets and drawers, here is where we keep secrets that no one will ever see. In this spatialized excerpt, each room constitutes a compositional layer portraying each set of emotions. The layers have a spatial and a spectral relation to each other.

Fanny Olla's installation was displayed in the Spring Exhibition Master / CRAFT! - Ceramics and Glass at University of Arts, Crafts and Design May 2018 in Stockholm, and later the Momentum Biennial June to October 2019 in Moss Norway.
Rikard Vilhelm Lindell is a student in composition with focus on electro-acoustic music, an experience designers, a code artisan and a lecturer in computer science with research in interaction design.

Brenda El Rayes: Al Hayat (2019) 6’00” 

Life was never created for you and your families alone
For we also hunger life
And it is our right to live it

Lebanese born Brenda El Rayes is an electroacoustic composer, DJ and producer combining her Arab and Syriac heritage with Scandinavian and western aesthetic.

Adam Eriksson: Gitanjo (2017) 10’00”

Gitanjo consists of a guitar extended by means of preparations, electronics and other sounding bodies, most notably a banjo. These modules are connected in a feedback system to enable the extension of one by exciting another. At Between an excerpt of the longer piece will be played.

Adam Eriksson (b.1991) is a composer from Sundbyberg currently pursuing his masters in composition at KMH.