MONDAY 11 NOV 9:00-12:00

Claude Cadoz, Nicolas Castagné, Annie Luciani

Mass-interactions physical modeling and real time haptic simulation for Music and Visual Arts by means of the ACROE’s Physical modeling softwares

Limited number of participants. See www.kmh.se/konserter  for information.

Annie Luciani, researcher and artist in Dynamic Visual Arts, is responsible of the ACROE thematic “Technologies for Dynamic Visual Arts”. As soon the beginning of her work in computer animation in 1976, she proposed the paradigm of physical modeling computer animation, with which she introduced the concept instrumental interaction in the visual arts. She has framed
numerous master's and theses courses, on modelling retroactive physics for the dynamic visual arts. Annie Luciani has realized on these principles and perspectives a number of several artistic works.

Claude Cadoz is President of the ACROE which he founded in 1976 with Annie Luciani and Jean-Loup Florens and in which he is responsible for the scientific and artistic programme "musical and multisensory Arts".
He is the designer of the GENESIS software, addressing sound synthesis and composition thanks to the technology of mass-interaction physical modeling he coined since 1979. From 1975, he initialized the realm of virtual realities by his work on haptic gesture interactions. He was the author with Jean Loup Florens of the first force feedback gestural devices in 1978. He has directed and supervised many theses and studies courses. Claude Cadoz's musical work is a direct application of his research by Mass-Interactions physical modeling.

Nicolas Castagné is an engineer at the Ecole Centrale de Paris, specialized in applied mathematics. In 1996, he joined the team of the ACROE, first to carry out his thesis in computer music on the design of GENESIS mass-interaction modeling and simulation software, then as research engineer responsible for the design and development of all the ACROE’s creation computer tools software. He continues his research within the Group ACROE-ICA, assistant-professor of the Polytechnic Institute of Grenoble, on the GENESIS, MIMESIS and GraDyn creation software for musical and multisensory artistic creation. He obtained his diploma to lead research (HDR) and supervised many theses and internships.