Mattias Petersson, George Kentros, Baptiste Pierre, 5XL.IKS, Beat Concrète

There are no more four seasons (George Kentros, Mattias Pettersson): Unraveled (2009) 12’ 00”

Unravelled is based on Ravel’s Bolero and was originally commissioned by the daily paper Dagens Nyheter as part of a collaboration with Deutsche Grammophon, where several classical works were remade by new music artists. We based our piece on the structure of Bolero more than the details: for example, the melody is gone, replaced by electronics that accumulate the violin tones and successively build a complex overtone spectrum. At the end one can hear all 12 tones of the scale simultaneously– just as in the well-known moment in the original. All that is left are the rhythms and the build-up towards an ecstatic finish.

There are no more four seasons (George Kentros, violin and Mattias Petersson, electronics) was founded in 2004 and quickly became pioneers in their genre, which is based on recomposing historical works of music for violin and live electronics. Thor self-titled debut CD form 2008 was named on of the 10 best classical recording of the decade by the Swedish daily paper Dagens Nyhter, and they have to date written 3 full-length works (based on works by Vivldi, Biber, and Strauss) as well as the piece performed here. Their duo has also collaborated with the singer Qarin Wikström and the poet Daniel Boyacioglu in the quartet reBell, and they are also members of the ensemble GAHLMM, where they perform both their own music and works written by other new music composers.

Baptiste Pierre CTRL ALT SUPP: Rêves Ambisonic 15’00”
Technologie : Ambisonic 3e Order

It’s an electronica/IDM extract, with the poem of Catering Bierling and Berltolt Brecht,proroduced with modular and synthesis design.

Baptiste Pierre is trumpeter, drummer, and makes electronic machines since 2000.

He was an activist on underground electonic music stages in Grenoble, Berlin, with his techno project «Mr Robespierre». However, he works in most experimental, IDM, and post-rock projects. The « Ctrl Alt Supp » project has been worked with PATHS collective, for 3D installations. He works with Ambisonic and Dbap technologies, depend on the type of composition.

Also, he teaches electronic music, composition in « Cité de la Musique », in Romans, and organise the festival MICROMUSIC (Eastn-DC).


5XL.IKS: Oeuvre : DIMENSPRO 20’00”

Technologie : DBAP
Member of «Arturia Modular Crew», he comes from the techno and experimental.
55H22 propose here a drone/noisy set, with an original spatial audio construction.

Beat Concrète

Beat Concrète is an intermedia club having its second appearance. Mixed artists with mixed backgrounds present works connected to electroacoustic music, club culture and audiovisual art.
Sänkt consists of Linus Hillborg (Moloton, Atonet) & Theodor Kentros (Kalkatraz Cassettes, Brus). They will be sending out two imposters that will play live in their place.

Rikard Lindell
Rikard Vilhelm Lindell will perform music from the world of ambient floating landscapes to deep hypnotic techno, but always with an ear for melodies on flute, live eurorack and concrete sound with the c3n loops app derived from his dissertation.

Somewhere between art music and more accessible works, Jerker Österlind’s mudbody project is an expression of the restlessness that manifests in today’s definition-dependent creative landscape. Labels are boring and tend to lack depth, identity is overrated, here’s a music video about a goldfish. DIY from building the studio to mastering to video animation, the first single from mudbody’s second EP will premiere at this year’s Between festival. Hand drawn things that move, rhythms and melodies that you don’t need a degree to appreciate, and actual lyrics. The lyrics are important. 

Brenda El Rayes
Mixing traditional sounds from the middle east with heavy European rave music.

Serena K
BORDERLANDS is a fragmented audio-video piece with visual gaps open for subjective imagery. There is an emphasis on the audio, which, like the visuals, deal mostly with contrasts between raw and fragile entities. Remnants from the collective (un)conscious are a point of departure.   

Viktor Sandström
Sequence-based hardware music.

KABLAM experiments with the radical possibilities of music. Since she mainly works within club environments, she draws a lot of inspiration from the physical space of a club and from what a dance floor looks and feels like. She will perform a DJ-set mixing contrasting genres and diverse BPMs, while finding imaginative points of entry and combinations between them.