Alexandros Kontogeorgakopoulos, Baptiste Pierre, Maxime Dangles, Mats Lindström, Mattias Petersson

Alexandros Kontogeorgakopoulos: Stiwdio Everywhere :: Working and Living Around the World as an Artist | Designer This talk will present my creative journey as digital nomad. Since October 2016 I have been traveling and working around the world, documenting my experiences, reflecting, exploring new artistic ideas and creating new work in various locations around the globe; from Berlin to Cuba, from Vietnam to Chile. It will show, how this experience became a new way of living, thinking and working remotely in the area of Art and Design.

As an academic, transdisciplinary researcher and practitioner at the intersection of art, science and technology, the talk will present related projects from the past and the present and will offer some insights on about how our time permits this location independent working lifestyle and how the nomadic lifestyle can be catalyst for the creative people. Safe travels!
Stiwdio Everywhere is a location independent Art and Design studio and project https://stiwdioeverywhere.com/

Alexandros Kontogeorgakopoulos is an academic, musician and artist, conducting transdisciplinary research and creating work at the intersection of art, science and technology. He has equally a scientific, engineering and musical background which is reflected into the nature of his creative practice and his techno-scientific exploration. After completing his PhD in 2008 in France, he joined Cardiff School of Art and Design (CSAD) at Cardiff Metropolitan University where he is currently Senior Lecturer in Sound and Media Art. In this environment, he got exposed into the language, ideas and materials of visual arts, craft, design and architecture, which he assimilated in his work and thinking.

Alexandros over the last decade has written several academic publications, organised workshops, taught various modules related to computer music and sound art, and supervised theoretical and creative projects within the broader area of art and design. His artistic work, which includes audiovisual performances, installations and compositions, has been presented in Europe and in the US. The materials of his practice include sound, images, shadows, words, interaction, motion, digitally fabricated structures and 3D forms, composed algorithmically and physically. As an artist/researcher he often develops his own software and hardware and explores novel technical, conceptual and artistic approaches. His research in the field of sound and music computing focuses principally on haptic musical interaction and on sound synthesis/processing by physical modelling.

He is currently partner coordinator of the EU funded EASTN-DC European Art Science Technology Network - Digital Creativity project. He is also co-founder of stiwdioEverywhere, an art & design studio that travels around the world following the digital nomads lifestyle, and oneContinuousLab, a transdisciplinary art-science studio-lab based in Athens, Greece

Baptiste Pierre CTRL ALT SUPP

Baptiste Pierre is trumpeter, drummer, and makes electronic machines since 2000.

He was an activist on underground electonic music stages in Grenoble, Berlin, with his techno project « Mr Robespierre ». However, he works in most experimental, IDM, and post-rock projects. The « Ctrl Alt Supp » project has been worked with PATHS collective, for 3D installations. He works with Ambisonic and Dbap technologies, depend on the type of composition.

Also, he teaches electronic music, composition in « Cité de la Musique », in Romans, and organise the festival MICROMUSIC (Eastn-DC).


Maxime Dangles

Maxime DANGLES is an experienced international artist who belongs to the new generation of electronic music producers.
His first release on KOMPAKT was a hit and he quickly joined the label's roster in 2006.
This collaboration with the famous German label led to other high quality releases. It was not long before other prestigious labels invited him to work with them : Bedrock, Boyznoize, Skryptöm or Scandium. This put him in the limelight and allowed him to play in the most mythical clubs and festivals around the world (Rex Club, Berghain, Panoramabar, Goa, Astropolis, TomorrowLand, Nuits Sonores...)

His, success, patience and passion let him to producing remixes for some of the world's most famous artists : Moby, Röyksopp, Miss Kittin & the Hacker, Simian Mobile Disco, Oxia or, more recently, Green Velvet.

On stage and in the studio, Maxime is what you would call a geek. He loves old analog machines but is is also crazy about the latest technologies available to producers. He creates, invents, fiddles around.
His LIVE performances are a showcase for this passion: he travels with many of his machines (Modular synth, Lemur, Monome, WiiMote...)


Mats Lindström: The Future was then!

A story about how the Swedish Radio opens an electronic music studio and its transition from the future into the present.

Mattias Petersson: Towards a hyper modular ensemble morphology

Presentation of a recently started PhD project in composition dealing with an alternate view on collections of musical instruments that takes concepts like agency and polymorphism into consideration. The project explores how concepts from object oriented programming and the patching paradigm derived from modular synthesis can aid in reaching for a new kind of ensemble instrument and musical morphology in which both human and nonhuman agents are equals.

Mattias Petersson (1972)  is a composer and performer of live electronics in various constellations. He works with electronic music, chamber ensembles as well as operas. His music has been performed worldwide and released on labels like Moving Furniture Records, IDEAL Recordings and Fylkingen records. Together with violinist George Kentros he formed the duo There are no more four seasons in 2004. They take older pieces of music and recompose them to make them relevant to our times.

He studied composition with Bill Brunson, Pär Lindgren and Sven-David Sandström. Since 2006 he works at KMH where he is now a senior lecturer of electroacoustic composition. As a PhD candidate in composition at the Luleå University of Technology, he is part of the newly founded research cluster GEMM, focusing on Gesture, Embodiment and Machines in Music.